It’s high time!

Assalam o Alaikum!

So finally i decided to start up a new chapter of my life. I’m 20 now and still not sure about what i’ve to do with myself. For past few weeks i was wondering what i’m gonna do, like i heard it from my parents that every child is born special its just a matter of time to recognize his/her hidden talent & such things always tangled my mind & honestly i just don’t know the reasons sometimes, and i just couldn’t initiate it but now as i’ve made a commitment to keep myself active socially & physically and to do something for myself, umm so here i go with my first blog. (nervousness overloaded)

For me aim is not basically something that bounds you to some serious shit and ends with burdens of taunts and harrasments but what provides you mental stability in which you are satisfied. And for this you’ve to dedicate yourself completely towards it with full dedication and it’ll make its own path.

I’m Kinza Fatima a medical student from Dow University (Karachi, Pakistan) and an ordinarily new comer in this blogging site. I will share my personal experiences of life InshaAllah. Pretty nervous while writing but yess i’m happy as i’ve taken a step towards a small journey as a personal blogger which definitely leads me to somewhere (hope so).

So as i’ve just started & you all can start off like this, whenever that ‘clicks’ sound hits your mind just be patient and focus on what you can passionately do. Now made a commitment to yourself and start ☺

I hope this will help you and i’ll keep on working to encourage you guys! 

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