Life after Intermediate!

Life isn’t that easy as it seems to be like, sometimes you’ve to do something in order to get something but its always your choice to consider what you want or need the most and behind every success there’s always obstacles, hardships, harassments, criticism and a lot more words like these that play important roles.

My first blog was a short intro on me and my purpose behind writing blogs so I thought to share something from my experiences. So as to be on point I’m sharing my worst experience today; back in 2015 my life was grievous and that’s the time when I was about to appear in entrance tests for admission in medical universities.

“2015 be the worst year of my life.”

I was totally clueless when I cleared my intermediate with just above passing marks and to no surprise i was another victim of interboard corruption. Basically the whole system is shrouded in secrecy and students are at the whims of those teachers appointed as examiners.

Cheating rooms are there for special students who somewhat belongs to wadera family or having links with board examiners.

Same case was with me but hey! wait let me tell you I was a bright student of my school who scored ‘A+’ in her matriculation examination but as I’ve explained above this corruption totally proved myself wrong & null and I couldn’t score above passing marks. I felt like as if my dream ripped into pieces and deep down i was broken; totally broken..

It has always been my dream to be medical doctor since I was in 8th grade but after my results all seems like fading away. Well let me get back to the point where life was just despondent, nothing seems to be working. Relatives keeps on pissing me off, friends keep asking about admissions, getting updated every single day via social sites, taunts, harassments, embarrassments, depressions were just became a part of life. Even my parents once criticized me for not being eligible and couldn’t grab a seat in any institution. That time my only supporting system were my best friends Muhammed Usama & Areeba Khan who after so many rejections still believed in me, supported me through every thick and thin, those late night calls and text messages just to cheer me up. I owe them my everything.

After all those impecuniosity, I finally in 2016 assemble myself for another chance in MCAT (Medical College Admission Tests) within a short span of time I urge myself to procure this time and with flying colours I was selected for a noble profession and now Allhamdulillah I’m in a process of becoming a Physical Therapist.

You see life isn’t a bed of roses there are some thorns in these too, you either adjust yourself or throw them away. I’ve tried my level best to keep your interest on point. Make sure to leave a comment and dump all your opinions, experience in it. I’ll gladly read ’em all ☺

Or else die in peace!


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