So, I’m back again and this time I’ll be sharing with you guys my experience throughout my second semester of university. Its not as satisfying as the first one, obviously with time comes great responsibilities but I never took that serious and with time I burdened myself with such huge piles of pending lectures to go through ..

At first i was wondering it as a piece of cake that this I shall too pass like the first one with flying colours without even bother to open my course books and throughout my semester I was irregular not taking my semester seriously. I bunk classes, done lots of hangouts, night stays and what not.. Then when it came to mid-term examinations i realized where I was standing, I never felt so null in my life, but this time I felt I did wrong, I did injustice with my career and then I started to motivate myself towards studies.

But you know it won’t help you out if your time doesn’t cooperate with you, my mom fell seriously ill and throughout months I’ve to take her to the hospital. I forgot my studies, I lost dedication, I lost my track and hope to pass this semester. It feels like nothing’s gonna work out this time, i left everything on Allah and indeed He’s the best listener.

After all this scenario i was able to attend my classes my mom was better than before and now I can focus on my studies but but but.. wait where’s the climax? haha you got me right! all of a sudden flu caught me.. yes again shit happens and this time it caught me like it doesn’t wanted to leave me alone and again i skipped my classes and this time i almost missed my all classes and the schedule for final vivas was there right in front of me and that too gonna be in the next few weeks. Shocking right? it was a huge one for me coz i didn’t even studied a bit of it and I’ve to appear for my finals. I decided to take extra care of myself, every single thing I did to make myself better and reform myself to my track and thanks to Almighty Allah i soon recovered from my illness.

Now, I’m studying Allhamdulillah and working with fast pace to achieve my goals with full dedication and motivation to pass this semester with good grades.On monday 28 Nov’16 I’ve my Anatomy viva & I just hope to pass this too (insha’Allah). Need prayers guys..☺

here’s a picture of my setup studying-materials  

So motivation is necessary for my readers, here you go with a motivational quote i hope this will help you guys in future as well. I just want to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and say ‘because of  you, I didn’t give up’ that’s all I expect from my readers and I hope one day this too will became true 🙂